Lemon & blueberry cheesecake.

    Today we made a lemon & blueberry reduced sugar cheesecake. We made the base out of oats, honey & vanilla. We used Reduced sugar & fat cream cheese mixed with yogurt for the center. Topped off with a blueberry jelly. Served it with a reduced fat & sugar lemon cake, blueberry curd and … [Read more…]

Spicy chicken wings.

    For Sunday’s community weekend we made spicy chicken wings with a reduced sugar hot sauce. We cooked down chicken bones until golden and crispy and placed into a pan with vegetables & herbs. Reduced the sauce down until sticky and added it to the hot sauce. We served it with mint & lime … [Read more…]

Healthier chicken nuggets.

    To start off community weekend we made crispy homemade chicken nuggets using spices and a light soda batter with breadcrumbs. We shallow fried and baked them off to finish them off. We served it with a reduced sugar tomato ketchup, mixed baked beans, parsnip & potato fries and garlic & chive yogurt. The … [Read more…]

Goats cheese & red onion tartlet.

    This afternoon we made a goats cheese, tomato and reduced sugar red onion marmalade tart. We served it with chicory, oranges, walnuts, pinenuts, pickled beetroots, Cucumber rolls, pumpkin seeds and made the tart out of filo pastry. Surprised how well the reduced sugar red onion chutney turned out, went so well with the … [Read more…]

Autumn vegetable soup.

    This morning we made a autumn vegetable soup. We roasted off butternut squash, carrots, parsnips, honey and garlic. Made a fresh vegetable stock and combined the two. Served it with chive yogurt, cashew nuts, butternut squash discs, pumpkin seeds and parsnip crisps. Extremely pleased with this soup even though the parsnip crisps turned … [Read more…]

Vanilla custard, pecan & date tart.

    This morning we made a healthier vanilla custard, date and pecan tart. We used filo pastry for the tart, almond milk with low sugar for the custard. Served it with date purée, ginger & cinnamon yogurt, orange segments, cinnamon milk jelly and filo swirls. Was pleasantly surprised how well this healthier alternative tart … [Read more…]

Pork stuffed cabbage rolls.

    This morning we made pork stuffed cabbage rolls. We made a turmeric savoury rice and mixed it with the pork spice mix. Wrapped it up with a Savoy cabbage leaves. Topped off with tomato sauce and feta. Served with baby carrots & asparagus. Was surprised how well this dish turned out and the … [Read more…]