Vanilla custard, pecan & date tart.

    This morning we made a healthier vanilla custard, date and pecan tart. We used filo pastry for the tart, almond milk with low sugar for the custard. Served it with date purée, ginger & cinnamon yogurt, orange segments, cinnamon milk jelly and filo swirls. Was pleasantly surprised how well this healthier alternative tart … [Read more…]

Pork stuffed cabbage rolls.

    This morning we made pork stuffed cabbage rolls. We made a turmeric savoury rice and mixed it with the pork spice mix. Wrapped it up with a Savoy cabbage leaves. Topped off with tomato sauce and feta. Served with baby carrots & asparagus. Was surprised how well this dish turned out and the … [Read more…]