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$10 Meals Bubble & Squeak

Posted by John Reed on 13th December 2019

Approx 4 – 6 portions

Shopping List

2 x Large russet potatoes ($1.20)
1 x Medium white onion ($0.47)
1 x Garlic clove ($0.50)
1/4 x Leek ($0.20)
1/8 x Red Cabbage ($0.25)
200g/7oz x Sprouts ($0.75)
2 x Parsnips ($0.70)
3 x Spring onions ($0.20)
4 x Chicken Thighs ($3.80)
1 x Lemon ($0.50)
2 x Eggs ($0.30)
Total ($8.87) (Baring in mind not including basic committees e.g. Flour, sugar, spices ect)


1 x Medium white onion (Peeled & Sliced)
2 x Garlic cloves (Peeled & Grated)
1 tsp x Dried thyme
3 x Spring onions (Washed & sliced)
1/4 x Leek (Washed & Sliced)
1/8 x Red cabbage (Sliced)
2 x Parsnips (Peeled, Decored, Blanched till soft and diced)
200g/7oz x Sprouts (Sliced)


2 x Large russet potatoes (Peeled & cut into equal sizes)
60g/2.1oz x Unsalted butter (Diced)
200ml/6.7floz x Milk

Chicken Thighs

4 x Chicken Thighs
1 x Lemon (Juice)

Poached Eggs

2 x Eggs
2000ml/67.7floz x Water
100ml/3.3floz x White wine vinegar (Less if the eggs are fresh or more if older)


1) Place the potatoes into a large pan covered with water and two pinches of salt. Place onto a high heat and cook until the potatoes are soft. Once soft drain them off and place them back into the pan. Place the pan back on the heat for 20 seconds to dry out the potatoes. Place the potatoes into a ricer or use a masher. Add the butter and the milk then mash really well, (it is not suppose to be creamy as it needs to hold together when cooked off in the pan).

2) Place a large pan onto a medium heat with a table spoon of oil. Once hot add the onions, spring onions, garlic and the dried thyme. Cook out until soft and then add the sprouts. Followed by the red cabbage and the leek. Once soft take off the heat and add the chopped soft parsnips. Mix the vegetable mix with the mash potato. Taste and season with natural sea salt and black pepper if needed.

3) Pre heat the oven to 180c/350f. Prepare the chicken and remove the bone if needed. Place a frying pan onto a high heat with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Season the skins of the chicken thighs with natural sea salt and cracked black pepper. Once the pan is hot place the chicken skin side down into the pan. Cook for 3 – 5 minutes until the skin is golden and crisp. Place the chicken thighs into a oven tray and squeeze the lemon over them. Place the squeezed lemons into the tray as well. Place the tray into the oven to cook for 30 – 35 minutes if the bone is in. If the bone is out 25- 30 minutes.

4) Place a large pan of water with the vinegar to boil on a high heat. Place a frying pan onto a medium/high heat with one tablespoon of oil in the pan. Shape the potato mix into large patties. Once the pan is hot carefully place patties into the pan one at a time to brown for 3 – 4 minutes each side. Once golden brown take out and place onto a plate. Soon as the water is boiling make a swirl pool using a spoon. Carefully crack and drop the eggs into the middle. Simmer the eggs gently for about 4 – 5 minutes until the egg is holding well together but still soft. Take out and drain onto kitchen roll. Once the chicken is out and rested for 5 minutes serve up with the rest of the garnishes.


Feel free to check out the highlights for more guidance on YouTube! Made live on Twitch CHEFJOHNREED – Twitch


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