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This is my agency who have helped me along the way to attaining my goal of starting this stream by giving me flexible working hours at a good rate. If anyone who lives in the UK or is visiting with a work visa and wants to enter the professional Chef world then feel free to get in touch with CJUK and let them know i recommended you. If you have any questions regarding this then feel free to private message me.



“CJUK challenge the status quo. We believe there is #ABetterWay for Chefs to work in the hospitality industry. No more 80 hour weeks based on 40 hours pay, no more missing important family occasions, no more burning out. We’re leading by example and proving that Chefs can be paid by the hour, have a better work life balance and be less stressed.

We ensure all our Chefs have continuous, on-going work and are happy in their roles. Some of our Chefs have been working with us for over 10 years – CJUK is more than just an agency, we’re a serious career choice. If you would like to join the CJUK Brigade and enjoy #ABetterWay of working in the industry, call the CJUK Talent Team on 01254 355666 or email [email protected]

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