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Three Course Valentines Menu

Me & my good friend hans prepared a three course meal for our wife’s. To begin with we made a ...
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Breakfast Quesadilla

Filled the quesadilla with 3 cheeses, avocado, smokey bacon, scrambled eggs and tomato beans. In addition we made homemade corn ...
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Pizza Rolls

Today we made a 70% hydration wholemeal pizza rolls. Filled with smoked ham, bacon, peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella, Swiss cheese ...
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Crispy Sticky Tofu Bowl

To start our week off we made a sticky crispy tofu bowl. Filled with brown rice, corn, cabbage, Asian pickled ...
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Viennese Whirls & Chocolate Viennese Fingers

For our YouTube we made Viennese whirls & chocolate Viennese fingers Check out the video below! ...
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Mid week and we made that cheeky okonomiyaki. We used red cabbage, white cabbage & pickled ginger for the base ...
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Assortment Of Dim Sum

To start the week off we made an assortment of dim sum. Baos, parcels & dumplings. We filled half of ...
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Apple Strudel

For our YouTube video we made a cheeky apple strudel served with a vanilla creme patissiere. Feel free to go ...
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Sweet & Sour Pork Gua Bao Buns.

Sweet & sour pork gua bao buns. In addition filled with cabbage, Asian pickled cucumber & Sriracha tofu mayo. You ...
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For mid week we made a cheeky meatloaf. Also we topped it off with a sweet glaze. In addition we ...
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