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$10 Meals Loco Moco

Approx 4 – 6 Portions Shopping List 1 x Large white onion ($0.50)1 x Bulb of garlic ($0.50)1 x Can ...
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Put together a homemade lasagna. Rich tomato beef mix. Homemade pasta & pasta sheets. Finishing it with Cheese sauce & ...
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Chicken & Shrimp Po Boy

For our mid week we made chicken & shrimp po boy. Homemade sub rolls, lettuce, tomato, pickle tofu mayo & ...
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Pantry Day

Using up leftovers for pantry day we made a crispy belly pork hash potatoes. Served with spicy green Chili beans, ...
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Apple Caramel Cake

Made some Apple caramel cake for this week's episode on YouTube! Feel free to check it out below! ...
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Pad Thai

For our cheeky Thursday we made crispy tofu & shrimp pad Thai. In addition we made a caramel apple cake ...
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Pork Ramen

Today we finished our pork belly ramen. Used the liquor from the belly pork to finish the broth. In addition ...
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Quesadilla Burger

For our pantry day we made a quesadilla burger. Filled with lime avocado, hatch green Chili beans and cheese. You ...
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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Another episode on YouTube with pineapple upside down cake. Feel free to check out the video below! ...
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Indonesian Curry Noodle Soup

Made a delightful Indonesian curry noodle soup served with crispy chicken & homemade noodles. Finished with egg, crispy onions and ...
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