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Beef & Vegetable Lasagna

Yesterday we made beef lasagna & char grilled vegetable lasagna. Made live on Twitch CHEFJOHNREED - Twitch ...
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Roast Turkey Breast Stuffed & Rolled

For our mid week festiveness we made a roast turkey breast stuffed & rolled. Filled the turkey with a cranberry ...
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Festive Yule Stump

For today we made a festive Yule log (Stump). Made a genoise sponge and filled it with a vanilla butter ...
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Vegetable Nut Roast Wellington

To start the festive week off we made a vegetable nut roast Wellington. Served with vegetable gravy, creamy mash potatoes ...
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Roast Pork Tenderloin

Roast pork tenderloin stuffed with sage & onion stuffing. Parsnip purée & parsnip crisps. Parmesan, mixed herb, and truffle potato ...
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Festive Treats

Making some festive treats today gingerbread cookies, festive eggnog & Xmas fruit cake. Also check out the highlights below for ...
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Smoked Fish Pate

Made a cheeky smoked fish pate topped with smoked salmon & poached egg. In addition sitting on top of homemade ...
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Festive Meringue Roulade

To start the festive season off we made a festive meringue roulade. We filled the meringue with a festive cream, ...
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Thanks Giving Pie Prep

Assortment of pies & dinner rolls ready for thanks giving. Key lime pie, chocolate Mississippi mud pie, pumpkin pie & ...
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Chicken Fried Steak

For today we made chicken fried steak. Served with Parmesan biscuits & cheeky bacon gravy. Also if you want to ...
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