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Here you can find the archive of all previous streams.

Pork & Shrimp Summer Rolls

Pork & shrimp summer rolls. Sous vide pork, steamed shrimp, lettuce, cucumber & cabbage. Finished with an Asian slaw & ...
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Double Stack Burger

Made a cheeky double stack burger with smoky bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickle cucumbers, homemade coleslaw & homemade high hydration buns ...
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Lemon & Black Pepper Wraps

Made a cheeky lemon & black pepper chicken wrap to start the week off. In addition we made the wraps ...
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Chicken Coq Au Vin

Made a cheeky chicken Coq au vin. Served with creamy mash and carrots. The dish was made live on Twitch ...
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Chicken & Biscuits

Mid week we made chicken and biscuits. Buttermilk fried chicken & cheddar biscuits. Finished with bacon and sausage gravy. Catch ...
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Corned Beef Pie

Made corned beef pie for St Patrick,s day. Served with creamy mash, carrots, cabbage and smoked bacon ...
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Paris Brest

For our YouTube today, we did a twist on Paris Brest. Praline & coffee custard cream. Finished with that cheeky ...
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Hash Browns & Crispy Ham

For our Friday we made hash browns & crispy ham. In addition we served it with spicy hatch green Chili ...
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Assortment Of Tapas

Assortment of ham tapas (Well almost all ham) patatas bravas, Gambas, honey & mustard glazed ham, Parmesan & ham potato ...
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Ham Terrine

In addition we finished our ham terrine from yesterday. Finished with mustard tofu mayonnaise & piccalilli ...
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