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Assortment Of Pop-Tarts

Made an assortment of homemade pop tarts. Made with a sweet pastry from scratch. Filled them with strawberry jam, cherry ...
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Pantry Day!

Another cheeky pantry day and we made avocado on toast with our left over homemade bread. Topped it with spicy ...
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Perfect One Day Bread Loaf

Perfect one day bread loaf & some croque monsieur with it as well for our YouTube episode this week. Feel ...
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Crispy Salmon

Made a cheeky pan seared salmon. In addition we made spicy shrimp, lime yogurt, avocado & mango salsa and cwispy ...
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Cuban Sandwich

Made our cheeky Cuban sandwich from scratch today. Homemade bread, dill pickle cucumbers, Swiss cheese, ham, pulled pork, mustard, and ...
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Pantry Day

Pantry day again using those left overs. Hot cross bun bread & butter pudding, cherry jam, praline & coffee cream ...
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Perfect Hot Cross Buns

As Easter was yesterday I thought I’d sneak in another Easter episode. Perfect homemade hot cross buns & cherry Jam ...
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Cheeky Dessert & Hot Cross Buns

For our cheeky Thursday we made flavours of cherries, coffee, chocolate & praline. Filled on top of biscuit tuiles. In ...
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Lamb Gyros Tacos

So we tried out some taco lamb gyros, which turned out pretty well. We made the tacos from scratch and ...
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Pantry Dishes

So pantry day dishes today. Using up our left overs from what we had in the house. 1st tostadas, sour ...
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