Pork shoulder stuffed with apple & walnut.

    This afternoon we made a roast shoulder of pork stuffed with apple & walnut stuffing. Served it with crispy crackling, garlic creamy mash, roasted root vegetables, fresh greens,rosemary encrusted roasted potatoes and topped off with cider sauce. The pork roast turned out fantastic, the apple & walnut stuffing turned out fantastic. Thank you … [Read more…]

Cheeky festive beef wellington.

    For community weekend we made a festive beef wellington. We used a kilo beef fillet in Dijon mustard wrapped in streaky bacon. Filled with a mushroom duxelles mixed with a mushroom purée. Wrapped around with filo pastry. We served it with dauphinois potatoes and lemon buttered vegetables, topped off with a creamy beef … [Read more…]

Duo of mini cinnamon & apple buns.

    This afternoon we made a duo of mini cinnamon & apple swirl buns. In the one bun we used sultanas and apple purée, with the other bun we used a date and cinnamon purée. Made the dough mix from scratch. We served it with apple purée, date, ginger and cinnamon purée. Also had … [Read more…]

Prawn fritters.

    This afternoon we made prawn fritters. We made the fritters with king prawns, Atlantic prawns, corn flour, plain flour, egg whites, turmeric, ground coriander, soda water, chilli, sweetcorn, ground turmeric, cracked black pepper, spring onions and bean sprouts. We served it with bean spout salad, pickled vegetables, charred sweet corn, sweet corn purée, … [Read more…]

Chocolate & raspberry xmas yule log.

    This afternoon we made ourselves a festive raspberry & chocolate Yule log. We made a genoise sponge for the log, made a homemade raspberry curd for the filling mixed with a chocolate butter cream. We made Italian meringues to go with the log, marzipan models and crushed meringue for snow. So if your … [Read more…]

Carnitas nachos Pulled pork.

    This afternoon we made our carnitas nachos. We took down most the fat off the pork shoulder. We braised down the pork shoulder with thyme and garlic very slowly in the oven for 2 – 3 hours. We added cholula chipotle sauce, coriander, lime, black pepper, and the reduced pork sauce. We served … [Read more…]

Steak pie.

    For community weekend we made healthier steak & mushroom pie using filo pastry instead of puff. Made the filling with stewing steak, garlic, onions, flour, Dijon mustard, oxo cube, marmite, thyme and chestnut mushrooms. We served it with baby carrots, shredded lemon sprouts with cashew nuts, roasted garlic sweet potato and potato mash. … [Read more…]

Festive creamy mushroom soup.

    This afternoon we made a festive Creamy chestnut & mushroom soup. We made the soup by making a vegetable stock. Cooked the mushrooms down with garlic, thyme, onion, celery and blended down with a tablespoon of low fat & low sugar creme fraiche. We served it with Parmesan wholemeal crisps, yogurt (fage), shiitake … [Read more…]

Cheeky Xmas Egg nog flavored smoothie.

    This morning we made flavours of egg nog smoothie. We used banana, dried dates, Greek yogurt (fage), almond milk (unsweetened & unroasted), mixed spice, ground cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. This turned out fantastic with great flavours, lot less sweeter than normal egg nog but had great to get you into the festive season. … [Read more…]

Duo of mackerel.

    This afternoon we made a duo of mackerel to start off our Xmas streams. Pan seared fresh mackerel fillets with lemon and mackerel pate with creme frachie. We served it with charred apples, apple purée, celery, roasted walnuts, horseradish yogurt (Fage), spice apple chutney, garlic thin crisps and baby gem lettuce. Great Christmas … [Read more…]